Xoçai vs. “Candy” Chocolate

Xoçai: Head and Shoulders Above the Chocolate Crowd

Stated simply, Xoçai stands head and shoulders above the chocolate crowd. Why? To understand, it’s important to know a little more about chocolate history. In the early 1800s, Dutchman Coenraad Johannes van Houten discovered that the acid taste of natural cocoa was minimized if he added alkali-potash to cocoa nibs before they were roasted. Alkalized (often called “dutched”) cocoa is darker in color and has a slightly different taste than natural cocoa.

Most commercial chocolate makers have used this alkalizing process to modify the color and taste of their products. The problem with alkalizing, however, is that it removes most of the chocolate’s nutritional potency.

Therefore, the most healthful chocolate is that which has been cold-pressed, unfermented and unalkalized. Xoçai’s premium-grade chocolate is processed in this way and is the leader of the healthy chocolate category. This patented processing method preserves the antioxidant and other nutrients present in cacao while still maintaining a rich, luxurious flavor.

Not All Chocolate is Created Equal

Below are just a few of the reasons you should consider Xoçai’s family of healthy chocolate products:

The ICT ORAC6 Seal: A Seal of Superior Quality The astounding ORAC6 scores for Xocai various products come from ICT, an independent, third-party analytical laboratory that provides analytical services for some of the world's finest research institutions, corporations, and public organizations. Xocai is now enrolled in the ICT Certified Program, an authoritative quality-assurance system that issues certification to products that have met strict criteria for some of their most popular ORAC6 tests. The program is designed to help consumers cut through the confusion surrounding ORAC6 scores and antioxidant values, as well as to discern which products make questionable claims regarding their antioxidant values.

Proprietary Processing Method. Unlike most commercially produced chocolate (which is “dutched” or alkalized), Xoçai’s products are processed with a proprietary cold-processing system and use no artificial ingredients.

Natural Sweeteners: Instead of the refined sugars common to most commercial products, Xoçai’s products use low-glycemic sweeteners such as raw cane juice and crystalline fructose.

Natural Cocoa Butter. Unlike commercial chocolates that typically substitute milk solids and oils, Xoçai retains the natural cocoa butter in cacao. Cocoa butter improves the taste and feel of the product while retaining a “neutral” fat status.

“Clean” Products. Xoçai’s products do not contain any artificial flavors or ingredients, waxes, fillers, or added caffeine.

Taste. Don’t let the “healthy” label scare you. Xoçai’s products taste delicious.

Xoçai Healthy Chocolate vs. “Candy” Chocolate

Xoçaí Healthy Chocolate “Candy” Chocolate
Uses nonalkalized, cold-processed, premium-grade cacao; proprietary processing Uses low-grade, alkalized and lecithinized cacao
Contains no wax, fillers or added caffeine Contains various waxes, fillers and added caffeine
Uses raw cane juice crystals, unprocessed, an all-natural sweetener, and crystalline fructose, a low-glycemic (GI 20), all-natural sweetener, while still providing an exceptional sweet taste Contains high amounts of refined sugar, the most detrimental ingredient of most candy chocolates
Contains natural cocoa butter Substitutes milk solids and oils for cocoa butter
Is exceptionally high in antioxidant content—in fact, possesses one of highest ORAC scores of any product in the marketplace Antioxidant content varies from product to product, but is typically very low

Added Caffeine:
Not a Part of Xoçai Chocolate

While the data is somewhat conflicting, it appears that natural chocolate has little or no caffeine. However, some manufacturers add caffeine to their product. If you are worried about the effects of caffeine, rest assured that Xoçai’s chocolate products have no added caffeine.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.