The Perfect Combination

Today's business climate is a demanding, challenging one. As a result, it’s vital to possess a complete package of elements to ensure long-term growth, stability and overall success. Fortunately, Xoçai’s perfect combination of Product, Science, Timing, Company, and Compensation delivers an opportunity unrivaled by any other.


    • Proprietary processing helps retain nutrients that give Xoçai its impressively high ORAC score (Brunswick Labs Certified)
    • No artificial ingredients, fillers, caffeine, waxes or unnatural sweeteners
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  • Literally hundreds of studies on the primary nutrients of cacao
  • Health benefits are obtained by daily consumption of 600-900mg of flavonoids—just one class of antioxidant compounds found in abundance in Xoçai™


  • Experts are noting various factors that indicate premium-grade healthy chocolate is poised for massive growth over the next decade
  • Baby boomers have lead to the next great boom—the wellness industry


  • Founders with a proven track record—Jeanette Brooks built Pure De-lite, a leading company for sugar-free chocolate in the US reaching $300 million in retail sales
  • Debt free company with a distributor retention rate among the highest in the industry


  • 7 Ways to earn in Xoçai's lucrative compensation plan
  • Low start-up cost, no inventory required, and GET PAID WEEKLY!
  • Xoçai pays 50% back to its distributors

Perfect Combination - Video

Xoçai Testimonial

Sharing the Health, Sharing the Wealth

Kathy Robbins & Paula Pritchard

“We were lucky enough to join the Xoçai family and our success has come from us saying 'yes' one time and then sticking with it. We have enjoyed the benefits of financial success, freedom and hope. But most importantly we have been able to help others find these same opportunities.”

*Earning levels for Xoçai Distributors that appear in this publication should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical income earned with a Xoçai business, nor are they intended to represent that other Distributors will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent