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Healthy Chocolate

These products embody all the natural goodness of cacao. Providing a wide range of benefits, Xoçai's healthy chocolate products provide superior antioxidant protection, protect the body's major systems and organs, support healthy weight control, and much more!

Xoçai XoLove Bites™

With natural aphrodisiac properties that stimulate the brain’s “pleasure” chemicals XoLove creates the perfect “love food” for enhanced sexual function, increased passion and significantly more satisfaction in your love life.

Xoçai X Power Squares:

Loaded with epicatechins and other flavanols, X Power Squares are one of Xoçai’s most potent health chocolate products.

Xoçai Nuggets:

Using all-natural sugars and loaded with potent cacao flavanols, Nuggets are also caffeine free and diabetic-friendly!

Xoçai Omega Squares:

Combining the power of healthy chocolate and omega-3 fats, Omega Squares deliver superior antioxidant support and cardiovascular protection.

Xoçai XoBiotic Squares:

Combines the potency of 1 billion probiotics and superior-grade healthy chocolate for enhanced immune and digestive support

Xocai Peanut Butter Cup:

Sure there are healthy snack options out there, but most of these don't satisfy the “sweet tooth” cravings most of us experience. Healthy snack foods typically don't offer a delicious, rich tasting treat.

Xoçai Variety Pack:

If you’re not sure which product is best for you, don’t worry—Xoçai has created the Variety Pack for you. With a one-week supply of Nuggets, X Power Squares, Omega Squares and XoBiotic Squares, you’ll have no problem introducing Xoçai to others.


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