The Xoçai Compensation Plan

The Xoçai Compensation Plan could be your avenue to increased income and lifestyle security. With 8 lucrative ways to earn, Xoçai pays 50% back to its distributors, making this opportunity not only delicious, but also very profitable!

Xoçai Compensation at a Glance
  • You Can Build 2 Teams
  • No Inventory Required — The Company Ships to Your Customers
  • Extremely Low Start-Up Costs
  • Get Paid Weekly

8 Ways to Earn with Xoçai™

Retail: Buy wholesale and retail the product for a profit
Quick Check: $50-$150 for every new associate
X Bonus: Every 3rd member of your team that you personally sponsor you receive a $75 X Bonus. The X Bonus may be earned throughout the lifetime of an MXI Affiliate or higher. Bonus is paid weekly.
Team Elite Development Pool: Personally enroll 3 new Business Builders (Earn) and 3 new Preferred Customers within 21 days to qualify as Executive Team Elite and earn 15 shares in the Team Elite Development Pool plus a free Auto-Ship. Bonus is paid weekly and dependent on X Bonus qualification.
Infinity Bonus: Earn 10% commission on your balanced volume amount up to $10,000 per week
Executive Generation Bonus: Get a matching bonus of a percentage of the Infinity Bonus paid to people you personally enroll, the people they enroll and so on
Leadership Pool: Four percent of the company's total group volume is divided among the top four qualified ranks of leadership
Expansion Center: Expansion centers can earn up to $10,000 a week and are available to Presidential Double Diamonds

Perfect Combination - Compensation Video

Did You Know . . .

Xoçai’s 50% payout in their compensation plan is one of the highest in the industry?

*Earning levels for Xoçai Distributors that appear in this publication should not be construed as representative of fixed or typical income earned with a Xoçai business, nor are they intended to represent that other Distributors will eventually achieve the same level of income. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Distributors business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity and demographic factors.