Who Is Xoçai?

As the original creator of “healthy chocolate,” Xoçai continues to lead the industry in providing delicious, natural, nutritionally superior chocolate. As category creators, Xoçai provides not only the world’s best healthy chocolate, but also an unmatched opportunity for increased economic and lifestyle security.

Way ahead of the “dark chocolate” trend, the Brooks family founded Xoçai on the knowledge that chocolate can contain all the natural nutritional firepower of cacao. In fact, prior to Xoçai, the Brooks marketed top-quality, low-carb chocolate products called Pure De Light through retail giants such as Wal Mart and Walgreens. Today, having now intensified their efforts to perfect a delicious and highly effective chocolate with Xoçai, the Brooks have combined sales approaching $1 billion. In addition, Xoçai is a debt-free company with a distributor retention rate among the highest in the industry.

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A Taste of Xoçai

Xoçai’s expansive new 75,000 sq.-foot corporate facility is an indicator both of the company’s success and its commitment to its distributors.

Xoçai Testimonial

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